Will Pappenheimer 2018


warriors is a series of works in progress featuring video game character modifications engaged in introspection, preparation, search and defense maneuvers. The figures perform choreographed movements as well as scripted gameplay actions in slow-motion and in strange sequences. At times they address the viewer telepathically. Text and speech is selected and altered from online "ASMR" YouTube videos, which aim to stimulate tingling body sensations and calm audience of followers in utilizing hypnotic methods. warrior characters encounter visible or described challenging surrounding conditions such as being submerged suggest current social or ecological situations which need to be overcome or survived. Thus the external need for resistance or combat. Conflicting emotions, defiance and uncertainty, fear and contemplation outline very a human presence instantiated in a mixture of technological and physical space.

Its OK, screenshot of augmented reality, 2018, Grounds For Sculpture, NJ
Pool Scratch, Will Pappenheimer and Freya Björg Olafson, screenshot of augmented reality, instantiated at the Guggenheim Museum, 2018, featured through the moble exhibition: ACTIVATAR
Waters Rising, screenshot of augmented reality, 2018
Angsty Pool, screenshot of augmented reality, Grounds for Sculpture, collaboation with Michael Rees, 2018