Will Pappenheimer
September 12 – December 8, 2012
Zero1 Biennial, 2012
ManifestAR @ ZERO1 Biennial 2012 blog
commissioned by the Samek Gallery, Bucknell University, PA

with Zachary Brady, web artist designer

Launch Skywrite in Layar app

Signs Over Semiconductors

YOU MAY KNOW Silicon Valley for its highly successful companies developing computers, software, semiconductors, and venture capital. But many of these companies remain distant and inaccessible in addition to being physically dispersed throughout a large area. You may wonder about these mysterious fortresses, approachable only to those who work within. You feel their influence deeply embedded in your everyday life.

Sometimes you want to visit these companies, to meet them or at least to talk to them. Maybe to tell them why you love them or maybe to give them some (constructive) criticism about the things you think they do that aren't right. You know that if you go through the Application Support Menu, your thoughts will never be heard. 

But with the Skywrite AR app you can say something or ask a question and have it written huge in virtual sky smoke above the company. They will have to pay attention. Maybe some of you don't wish to say something in particular you might just draw a picture over the company's headquarters. That's fine, you can do that too. Then the Skywite AR plane will draw your giant picture over their building.

Signs Over Semiconductors visualization over Apple headquarters
Signs Over Semiconductors visualization over facebook
Signs Over Semiconductors visualization Lewisburg, PA