SFMOMA AR Expansion
Will Pappenheimer and Craig freeman

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May 29. 2013-2015

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SFMOMA AR Expansion

SF MOMA AR Expansion is a commission for the 2013 groundbreaking ceremony for SF MOMA's building expansion, designed by Snøhetta architects. The work is a virtual expansion, as a full-scale, ever-changing, bricolaged Internet building which constantly breaks up and reassembles from pieces of online media, fractured area Google and weather maps, YouTube videos, shifting color polygon reductions, glowing wireframe architectural model lines of its own becoming, overgrown moss covering the whole building as an extension of its living wall, and an all-seeing eye suggesting a users eye or that the museum watches and needs to watch its surroundings.

The artwork is not really an app, but rather the app views the artwork as a GPS sited full scale virtual building. It is an informational aggregation and "app-arition" as an assemblage of the building's various parts and reflecting its potential existence as a fluid network or beacon for the surrounding and virtual communities.

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SFMOMA AR Expansion - screenshot collage from 13th floor of hotel