“K Lucas to K Lucas RTest,” is a Rorschach Test of changes to Kristin Lucas persona pursuant to her decision to legally change her name from Kristin Lucas to Kristin Lucas for the purpose of “Refresh.” The video utilizes comparative sequences of night vision video in which Kristin poses or rotates for the camera in the same location at similar times before and after the name change. Successive frames from the two sessions are then isolated and alternated for comparison in the final video. The footage is run through a simple motion detection program to locate areas of difference. In other segments, the video is tested through itinerant video format selection revealing more transformations through various color formations. The test reveals changes in the areas of overall complexion positing, striated interbody morphology, personality magnetism, contemplative circularity, gap decision making, and variegated proclivity bumps.

K Lucas to K Lucas RTest, 2007
Video, computer screen
Running time: 10:46 minutes
Will Pappenheimer
for Kristin Lucas show “Before and After”

Postmasters Gallery, 2007
And/Or Gallery 2008
Shift, Electronic Arts Festival, Basel, 2008

Movie: excerpts from K Lucas to K Lucas RTest
Kristin Lucas curated show “Before and After” in “If Then Else End If” Kristin Lucas, Postmasters Gallery