Will Pappenheimer + Virta-Flaneurazine

Currently: Basel, Virtuale Switzerland, June 16, 2014 - June 28, 2015
Erasmsus Route, from Eisengrasse Minsterplatz

Dose is a hallucinatory experience perceived through the users mobile device. Originally developed through the artist pharmaceutical, Virta-Flaneurazine, the psychic journey lasts for about 15 minutes or more as it envelopes the user. The optimal experience is initiated by licking the large white pill shape on a mobile device that appears when the QR code is scanned from within the LAYAR application. The work accepts the mobile device as an extension of the users state of mind as it becomes infiltrated with twinkling stars, fish and other paraphernalia originating from network imagery.

Dose has been offered in many locations and contexts since 2010 including "Gradually Melt The Sky" at Devotion gallery in New York, the ICA, Boston, the Stedelijk Museum of Contemporary Art, Amsterdam, a 2012 Sydney Biennial Event, intervention into Hayward Gallery, London, Grand Central Station, New York and the city of Basel Switzerland as a parallel program for the 2014 Basel Art Fair.

Screenshot of Gerhatd Richter's 924-1 STRIP through an iPad intoxicated with Dose augmented reality drug