Breathe On Me is an installation/internet work consisting of a three-walled space with a number of hybrid fan/webcam devices affixed to the walls. The "FanCam" devices are modified netcams such that Internet users can control the direction of the fan from the remote webcam view combined with pan and tilt controls. Internet users can choose one of the devices in the space, log onto a FanCam, visually locate visitors in the physical space and then turn on the fan and "breathe" towards the person. Visitors in the physical space are invited to enter a space where they will be remotely seen and will not know who is telepresent. Once seen by internet participants, they will receive an offer of fan “breath’ as a fundamental form of communication. Visitors who enter the space are asking to receive a telepresent stranger’s touch in the form of wind. Internet users reach out to physical visitors in the simple offer of moving air.

Installation Space, 10' x 12' clear space with 5 FanCams

Requires Flash Player 8

Concept, design and engineering by Will Pappenheimer @
  with Jessie Arnold, Josh Weihnacht, Will Kavesh, Sam Kragiel