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.1 far right:
The viewer approaches a series of video projections which are computer-driven. The viewer types in a question and as soon as the return button is pressed a frame up from the web cam on the far right is frozen and analyzed for the points of the greatest change or movement. A designated area of of the Edison Beach Web cam is scanned frame by frame to reveal points of difference compared to the previous frame. The areas of most change are superimposed with orange dots.

dots are transformed into star patterns on a black background. The constellations refer to Roland Barthes discussion of using the principles of augury to wearied or resignify the words of a text

A database of images, such as
Barbara Jo Revelle's photographs from the choragraphy of the Miami River, are pre-coded with orange dots or pompoms. This is done in a process similar to my previous works with pompoms we're various aspects of an image or artwork are highlighted as an indication of aesthetic or conceptual composition. The pre-coded image in database that most closely matches the stark pattern is the chosen image reading. It appears on this screen.
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